Connected with the city

Fast and easy access to the city via the Via Baltica (Tallinn to Riga) highway and an on site stop on the Tallinn transit railway make Gate Tallinn readily accessible to all. Other public transport links also serve neighbouring towns. Road connections via the Tallinn Ring Road provides fast access to Tartu, Paldiski and Pärnu.

Available workforce

  • Managerial and administrative
  • Experienced and skilled

A variety of skilled and professional living and working in surrounding major employment areas and suburban districts of Saue, Laagri, Nömme means that there is a considerable workforce nearby. Moreover a significant pool can be found within a 10 kilometre radius.

  • 5500 people live in neighbouring Saue county
  • 100 000 people live in 10 km radius
  • 430 000 people live in 20 km radius

All infrastructure in place

The Saue Link Road and Gate Tallinn's infrastructure have been completed.

  • Roads
  • Water and sewage
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Telecommunications

Established planning

The current masterplan permits over 250 000 sq metre of commercial development over the 60 hectare site. Changes to the planning can be made through negotiation with the planning authorities who have already indicated a willingness to permit variety of leisure and commercial uses.

Serviced land packages available for developers and occupiers

In total over 60 hectares of land plots are available for commercial and residential development. Parcels of between 0.4 to 17 hectares available – all with services and road access.

0 hectares of land